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Artificial hair Transplant

Artificial Hair transplant is the best possible solution for baldness cure in India. In some patients where the donor area is not sufficient natural hair transplant is not possible. In such cases Artificial hair Implant provides a safe and effective solution. Satya hair transplant clinic is one of the very few clinics in India, providing international standards of Artificial hair Implant in India. Synthetic Hair Implant can be combined with Natural Hair Transplant or can be done alone also as per the requirement of individual case. Customized solutions are available at Satya hair transplant clinic India, where a combo of Artificial hair Implant and Natural Hair Transplant can be done according to individual’s need.

Synthetic Hair Implant is a affordable and cost effective treatment for patients who are looking for quick solution to their baldness. Synthetic Hair Implant cost in India is quite affordable. The cost of Artificial hair Implant in India is much less as compared to Europe and other parts of asia.

Synthetic Hair Implant

In India two types of Artificial hair Implant are available. One is Nido from Japan and the other one is Biofibre from Italy.

These Artificial hair Implant are done in the scalp one by one and resemble natural hair as they merge very well with the existing hair and it is really very difficult to differentiate between the natural hair and the artificial hair.

Advantages of Artificial Hair Replacement:

  1. Artificial hair Implant provides quick solution to patients who have less time and can’t wait for natural hair transplant results to grow.
  2. Synthetic Hair Implant is a very minor surgery unlike Natural Hair Transplant. so very small amount of anesthesia is required and there is almost no bleeding. Practically there is almost no social downtime. Synthetic Hair Implant goes almost undetected and patient can resume his social  activities almost immediately.
  3. Artificial hair Implant is useful in both men and women.
  4. Artificial hair Implant can be done in patients who have little donor area or who don’t want to touch there existing natural hair and still want to increase the number of hair on the scalp.
  5. Synthetic Hair Implant is useful in patients who don’t want to use a wig and want natural looks.
  6. Synthetic Hair Implant can also be done in cases of alopecia areata or scarring alopecia.
  7. Artificial hair Implant are available in different colors and length, so can be chosen according to patients need.

Advantages of Artificial hair Implant at Satya:

  1. Synthetic Hair Implant in India is the clinic which has done maximum number of Synthetic Hair Implant in India.
  2. At Synthetic Hair Implant in India we have got the best team of doctors with vast expertise and artistic skills in doing Synthetic Hair Implant.
  3. Synthetic Hair Implant in India is one of the most affordable Artificial hair Implant in India.
  4. Synthetic Hair Implant in India gets a lot of patients from abroad who want to get maximum number of hair in less time. These patients choose Synthetic Hair Implant in India as we are one of the fastest and most accurate in the world. More than 6000 Synthetic Hair Implant can be done in a single session in one patient.

Satya skin laser and hair transplant clinic is the one stop solution for all your hair needs. Artificial hair transplant in India has become a boon to the patients who want results instantly. As this procedure delivers its results so fast ,the patient is very delighted to get back his hair in just few hours. artificial hair implant is considered by many patients all over India but they are some times be fooled by quoting low hair implant cost and by doing less number of implants than promised.

So a healthy information should be taken before the procedure regarding its pros and cons.Correct information regarding its fall rate, post op care and use of particular shampoos to maintain hygiene of these artificial hair transplant in India.

Artificial hair transplant

So only knowing about the hair implant cost without knowing the hidden facts behind it, sometimes leads to a wrong decision and you get a blunder on your scalp which does not even remain there for for a particular time period as told.

Artificial hair transplant in India

Artificial hair transplant should be done only by a trained and expert hair transplant surgeon who can deliver you the best hair transplant results.

Hair implant cost is quite variable, so the differentiation should be done according to the quality of work and not only, low cost.

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