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FUE Hair Transplant

One of the most important factor which people often consider while going for FUE in Delhi is FUE hair transplant cost. No doubt FUE cost is very important and should be one of the most decisive factors but a patient who is considering FUE treatment in Delhi must also pay attention to some other important factors as well. FUE cost in Delhi varies from clinic to clinic and so is the result and patient satisfaction rate. There are many FUE clinics in Delhi who are offering FUE services to their patients. many such FUE clinics in Delhi are run by businessmen, who hire technicians and some untrained doctors to do the surgery. the main motto of such FUE clinics is obviously to earn money and have nothing to do with the patient’s interest.

Generally such FUE clinics in Delhi, have two ways of attracting the patients. One is advertising and the other is low FUE treatment cost. So if a patient is only shortlisting the FUE clinics on the basis of low FUE cost, the chances of him getting trapped at such FUE clinics increase. Most of such patients don’t even get to know the correct assessment of their condition and the type of surgeries which would give him the best results. So an FUE clinic which doesn’t have good results to show and has been involved in such unethical practices will always over promise the results and try to trap you by giving discounts, offers, unlimited grafts, robotic transplants or low cost FUE.

Such so called low cost FUE clinics always tell more number of grafts than they actually do, to apparently reduce the cost of FUE per graft.

When 99 out of 100 FUE clinics are involved in such kind of unethical practices, the patient starts thinking that they will get it done at a place where it is cheap and best. Most of the times the patients think that why should he spend more when he is getting it done at low cost. So patients considering only cost of FUE, generally get a disaster on their head and then come for a repair hair transplant surgery. So it is always wiser to pay

So a layman who wants a hair transplant surgery,sometimes only enquire about the cost of FUE hair transplant and forgets to bother and enquire about the quality of work he will be getting done on his head. From he falls into the fish trap of hair transplant price. So by only seeing a low cost hair transplant surgery, you are actually getting be fooled. Because more than a surgery it is all about your well being, your requirements and your exception which should be fulfilled after the hair transplant surgery.

But when people asking for only cost of FUE hair transplant visits Satya skin laser and hair transplant clinic then only they come to know about the actual scenario.

Dr. Shaiil Gupta, head hair transplant surgeon at Satya skin laser & hair transplant clinic delivers all the relevant information regarding both the type of Surgery, i.e. FUT and FUE. Which technique will be beneficial to the patient, what kind of hair transplant surgery results he will get, how the surgery will be performed and in how much time the patient can expect his hair growth.

The major thing which has to be decided during the consultation is that which hair transplant surgery technique is best for the patient because he performs both the surgeries so an honest and unbiased opinion is given to the patient. And then the cost of FUE hair transplant is also told. So the patient is totally free to take his decision.

The two main techniques involved in natural hair transplant in delhi:

  1. FUT(Follicular Unit Transplant)
  2. FUE(Follicular unit Extraction)

Salient features of FUT (Follicular unit transplant):

  1. Yields more number of grafts , so this technique is a boon in patients suffering from high grades of baldness
  2. No scar formation
  3. Donor area remains healthy and dense like how it was before the surgery
  4. Graft survival rate is more high because of excessive fat tissue
  5. FUT and be combined with other techniques(Combination Technique) to deliver head full of hair
  6. Full shave off head is not required, so social downtime is minimized.

Though people think , this is a traditional technique of hair transplant, but if the procedure is done by an expert surgeon like DR. Shaiil Gupta, then FUT gives more number of grafts than FUE technique of natural hair transplant.

Salient features of FUE (Follicular unit Extraction):

  1. New & advanced scarless technique
  2. Does not involve application of stitches
  3. This technique can be performed on scalp,beard,chest & pubic region
  4. Highly recommended to patients with excellent donor hair
  5. No social downtime is associated as the donor hair is shaved off in layers
  6. Small sessions of natural hair transplant can be easily performed by FUE
  7. Eyebrow & Beard reconstruction is done only by FUE method.
  8. Counting of number of grafts is done more accurately in FUE

Both the techniques of Natural hair transplant have their own pros and cons related to the patient. FUT or FUE , either of the techniques can be done successfully.

The choice of technique is dependent upon the:

  1. Quality of donor hair and
  2. The grade of baldness of the patient.
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