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NIDO Hair Transplant in India

Nido hair implant is a japan based artificial hair.It was invented by Japanese based NIDO Corporation. Nido hair implant in India is considered as one of the best and instant article hair replacement system. Nido synthetic hair is highly advisable in cases of female & male pattern baldness to combat problems of baldness.

A disposable instrument is required to manifest the implantation of Nido hair implant. The  auto-depth feature of the implantor helps the surgeon to implant each hair with ease without hurting the different layers of skin. Nido hair implant in India is advised for all types of scalp,whether thick or thin.

Nido hair implant has a unique hair removal technique  which ensures extraction of NIDO hair implant in India, the artificial hair in a single pull.

NIDO Hair Transplant in India has:

  1. Nido hair implant is very safe and has a long lasting effect.
  2. International Society of Hair Restoration & Surgery (ISHRS) has formally recognized the Nido hair implant.
  3. Nido hair implant is made up of a material called  polyester resin polybutylene terephthalate(PBT)
  4. All implements, after packaging, are sterilized with an electronic beam
  5. Nido hair implant are ISO 900l and 13485 certified.
  6. Nido hair implant does not damage the existing natural hair follicle and does not hinder its growth.

Satya Hair transplant clinic in India is owned by Dr. Shaiil Gupta and has a experience of more than 13 years.The specialized technique of Nido hair implant is carried out under technique so that the patient is comfortable during the full procedure of Nido hair implant.

This extraordinary technique of Nido hair implant renders  remarkable results to the patient instantly.

Nido hair transplant India is one of the best hair restoration technique where 6000 hair can be implanted in a single day.

Repeated clinic visits are avoided as single mega session can be done so as to save patient’s valuable time and energy.

Dr. Shaiil Gupta at Satya Hair Clinic has done maximum number of artificial hair transplant across the world. – He has done a maximum number of 18,500 Biofibre hair implant in a patient.

Dr. shaiil gupta at Satya skin laser and hair transplant clinic has been consistently delivering best hair transplant results. Satya hair clinic is one of the best clinics for hair implants India.

Nido hair implant is not only about placing the hair implants in place ,but it is also about how artistically one can place these hair implants in India to give you the best hair transplant India.

Results with Nido hair implant vary from clinic to clinic, as everybody does not have the full expertise to give best hair transplant India with a minimum number of hair implants.

The thickness of nido hair is comparatively more than the Biofibre so this can be taken as a advantage ,that with a very few number of hair implants, best hair transplant can be done.To know the difference between Satya hair clinic and other clinics,one can visit the patient gallery to see the results and come for a consultation with Dr. Gupta to actually know about the best hair transplant India.

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