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Satya Hair Transplant Procedure

Hair transplant surgery has become the permanent, easy and cost effective treatment for baldness. The results are natural and everlasting as the hair are taken from the patient’s body. In addition, the hair are resistant to the hormonal effect, they stay forever. Hair Transplantation Procedure has to be executed very carefully to get the desired results.

Satya Hair Transplantation Clinic is the reliable destination for those, who are suffering from hair loss and looking for permanent Hair Transplantation. The clinic offers helpful solutions of hair transplant to restore your lost hair and develop new hair in a natural way. The expert doctors and surgeons carefully perform the surgery to provide the best results. Given below is the detailed Hair Transplant Techniques to make the patients comprehend the strategy easily:

Meeting: The first step is meeting with patients to examine and consult them. Our prime motto of the meeting with patients is to understand their conditions and let them know about the options for hair loss treatment. You are free to consult our doctors either online or in the clinic. Our experienced doctors scrutinize the grade of baldness to decide the best method for the patient as per the density, hairline and the donor hair character.

Credentials: After meeting, our experts discuss all the possible solutions along with other factors with the patients in details. From density, hairline, hair style to our goals, everything is disused clearly. Moreover, we also take photographs to document the baldness grade.

Hairline Creation: Hairline creation is considered as the most difficult, precise and creative task in the whole Hair Transplantation. Hence, we create hairline very carefully and precisely keeping in mind your looks, personality and other facets. The hairline, created by our experts, is sure to provide you hair in an efficient manner that suits your persona. Hairline cannot be straight and its thickness increases as we move inwards. To make it look original and natural, single follicle grafts are fixed in the front hairline followed directly by 2 of 3 follicle grafts. As frontal area is extremely important, it should contain more hair in volume than any other part of the head. We place hair less densely when we move little backwards.

Holes: This is another important part of Hair Transplantation Procedure. Our doctors create holes following the direction of present hair. To create natural and invisible hairline, we give our best keeping in mind every donor area limitation.

Graft Extraction: When the hairline is designed, the process of graft extraction is done. At this stage, the donor area is completely shaved off or in layers using razor. Now, the extraction of follicular units from the donor is executed using local anesthesia. This step is done with small titanium punches of 0.8 to 1.0 cm size.

Implantation: Now, implantation of grafts is done. As this process is very painful, Satya Hair Clinic offers. we numb the area to create holes for graft implant so that our patients feel no pain. The holes are created and grafts are placed with the policy of “Satya no touch practice” to ensure to touching.

Post Surgery: Once this Hair Transplantation Procedure is done, you can return home same day of procedure. You can also resume your office work from the very next day. In addition, you are given a list of instructions of dos and don’ts. Just, keep complete care of donor as well as transplanted area. Wash your head properly and take medicines on time.

Non surgical hair replacement India

Hair Weaving: Hair weaving is the right for those patients, who do not want to opt above procedures due to sensitivity of skin and other factors. This safe and effective non surgical hair replacement in India is an ideal option to cover large areas of baldness with hair that resemble your existing hairs.

The hair replacement technique includes, the fixing of a patch with glue or clips into your scalp to merge with the present hair.

Hair replacement in India is an appropriate method to get a head full of hair in just fer hours.This type of non surgical hair replacement helps the patient to regain his lost confidence by giving them a solution to their long term baldness problem.

There are different varieties of patches/system that comes under Hair replacement. These patches are pasted/glued/weaved to your existing hair without harming them.

The hair wig/patch can be easily washed and maintained at home.Hair replacement system generally lasts for around one to one and half year depending upon the patients maintenance.

This type of non surgical hair replacement in India is a boon to patients with very limited donor area, patients with alopecia aerate or pseudopalade, and patients who want instant results at low cost.

With Satya Hair Clinic, have a happy Hair Transplant with complete concern, care and joy!

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