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Scalp Micro Pigmentation

At times patient does not have enough donor area to cover the entire scalp. It can be probably because of less number of donor hair or previous unsuccessful hair transplant surgeries. In such patients it is almost impossible to cover the whole scalp using the existing donor supply.

Scalp Micropigmentation is a revolutionary technique at Satya hair clinic which can be very useful to address these kind of situations.SMP can be done in between the natural/transplanted hair and even in the donor area as well.So Scalp micro pigmentation helps the patient to keep long hair as this gives a nice camouflage to cover the balding scalp.On the other hand, people who like to wear short hair ,Scalp micropigmentation gives a nice coverage to cover up the hair less areas.
This procedure lasts for an year or two and it can be repeated safely afterwards.
At Satya hair clinic, safe & tested hypoallergenic colors are used artistically in scalp micro pigmentation.

Scalp Micro pigmentation helps the patients to:

  1. To cover their head instantly
  2. To get blackish appearance on the scalp in just few hours
  3. The pigmentation looks like natural hair
  4. The patient does not have to undergo any surgery
  5. The results are instant so no waiting time and no signs of surgery
  6. It can be done on the donor scalp also where a lot of FUE grafts have been extracted and the scalp is visible.
  7. No social downtime of the procedure, so easy for patients looking for a instant relief from baldness
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